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Robert Hutchison

Having started in the industry in 1965, Bob brings more than four decades of experience to his work. He started doing custom tailoring and outside sales in 1988, and has been making high quality custom men’s clothing ever since.

In 1988 and 1989, Bob attended instructional sessions at H. Freeman and Individualized Shirts’ corporate headquarters. He continues to work with designers, instructors, and customer service reps several times a year to stay updated on new styles, trends and measuring techniques.

Robert Hutchison Custom Clothier focuses on custom suits, sport coats, trousers, formal wear, and topcoats. Our featured lines are H. Freeman, Individualized Shirts, Jack Victor and Empire. Bob currently works at the Englund’s Men’s Shop located in Malvern, PA.

Why Wear Suits?

They make you look better.

Suits also make your shoulders look broader and your belly look flatter. Suddenly without spending a minute in a gym, while wearing a suit, you look more attractive to the opposite sex. Broad shoulders and a flat belly are physical characteristics that women find more attractive in men. Wear one, and feel comfortable wearing it, and in general, you’ll stand out in a crowd and open more possibilities for your personality to shine.

The shirt is like the frame on a masterpiece.

Have you ever seen a great work of art with an ugly frame? Somehow the masterpiece is less great. The same applies to your face and its frame, the shirt. If the frame is incongruent, the art isn’t given justice. If the frame is congruent, the work shines even more brilliantly than before.

Apply this concept to yourself. When your dress shirt compliments your face, your qualities stand out, otherwise, you’re lacking. The key is to know what parts of your face you want to highlight. Match the color of your shirt to your eye color and they stand out. If you have a narrow face, use a wide collar to lessen the effect.

Everyone is unique and you need to find what works best for you. Part of it is personal preference and gut feeling, the other part is science. Want to know how to wear a suit? Check out this infographic.

The line and flow of a suit.

All great art has a line and a flow to it. When you look at a work of art, there is an initial place that catches your eye and from there, it draws you in one direction or the other. The same can be applied to men’s dress shirt and suit style.

The construction of the shirt and the suit are meant to draw your attention in a line towards the the face. The “V” construction of the suit lapels draws your eyes upwards. So does a well fitting dress shirt collar and the knot of a tie. They all basically draw a line from your torso core and extend the flow upwards to your face.

The purpose of men’s clothing is to draw attention upwards to the man’s face, and ultimately to their eyes. A high quality suit, tailored to the man, with properly matching accessories will make every man look their best regardless of body type.

By making conscious clothing choices, you can maximize your natural aesthetic strengths and draw attention away from your weaknesses. In an increasingly casual world, continuing to dress for success gives any man that edge.